Thursday, August 8, 2013

Project Complete - Etsy FTW!

Eeeep I'm so excited to share my latest Etsy purchase/project!  I gave a little preview last week, and thought it was due time to show you the final product.

This script monogram has been floating around Pinterest for a while, and I have been dying to make it an addition to my home.  I was worried that Marc might think it was too girly, but after I received his approval, I went ahead and ordered one!
The box it arrived in was big, but much lighter than I thought it would be - I realized why when I opened it.  The wood is extremely light weight and therefore very fragile.  I was actually really nervous pulling the monogram out of the box!

They could not have made this project easier for me.  All I needed to do was prime, sand, and paint...

"Misty Morn" by Behr - it's a soft greyish blue and I LOVE.
 ...and then hang it in the perfect spot in our bedroom:
I also thought I'd take the chance to show off our new bedding that I'm obsessed with =)
Now to add some canvas prints in that empty space by the window.  It's screaming for wedding photos!
There you have it - the finished product =)  *sigh* I love it.  Our master bedroom is finally coming together...although I'm still not in love with the wall color.  I think I want something a little more "milky" - this is too brown for me I think...Oh well!

Side note:  I love these little "quick win" crafty projects - they give you a boost to keep on keeping on, which is something I desperately need sometimes.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm one of those people who hits a snag in a project, decides to take a break and tackle it another day, and then it's weeks later and I still haven't picked it back up.  This was quick and easy to complete and now I have motivation to take on a few more tasks.

On to more projects!  Stay crafty, my friends.
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