Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sooo...I'm a tiny moron...

Alrighty - so here's a quick story that will give you a little more insight into the relationship between me and my hubs =)

One thing you should know is that I am OB-SESSED with Michael Jackson.  I've been a fan since I was little (the HIStory album was my first CD ever!) and to this day, one my biggest regrets is that I was never able to see the King of Pop in concert.  Granted, I was way too young to go to an MJ concert during the height of his career, and the last concert he had at Madison Square Gardens was when I was in high school and I'm pretty sure I had a test the next day...and I lived in Georgia...and I didn't have $45k to blow on tickets =)

As I'm sure you can imagine, when we lost the King of Pop last summer, I was absolutely heart-broken (along with my BFF Jill...this is why we're friends).  Like, I seriously mourned the loss of MJ.  I recorded his funeral and cried like a baby when Usher sang "Gone Too Soon" and Brooke Shields told stories about him.

I also danced in high school and on and off through college - so I appreciate all forms of the performing arts.  I love SYTYCD and DWTS...and I'm excited for the new show, SWTS.  Bethenney Frankel will be on it...what what?!

Okay so on the radio this morning, I heard that Cirque Du Soleil has a new show coming out called...

...wait for it...


Coming Soon!  To a city near you!!!

(just tell me that website didn't give you a joy-gasm - I dare you.  MJ joy-gasm all over the place!!!)

AHHHHH!!!  My brain has exploded with excitement!  I.Love.Cirque - I actually think my little brother should audition to be a member of Cirque (he's a gymnastics freak).  I love love love it.  Combine that with the K.O.P???  Heaven.  Pure joy and heaven.

I heard this on the radio on my way into the office, so of course, as soon as I get to work, I don't check my email - no - I google this tour...I MUST find out if they're coming to Denver!

After I find out they're coming to Denver (Friday, January 6th), I immediately email my husband and explain that this would be the greatest Christmas present of all and this is like my dream and the show was made for me and it would be like Jerome Bettis putting on a football camp and him getting to go and they're selling pre-sale tickets now and they're cheaper than normal and it's January 6th so we have to hurry and get tickets because if we don't get tickets RIGHT NOW then this thing WILL sell out!!!!


So Marc, being amazing, calls me and confirms that section XYZ is appropriate because he's buying the tickets right now.  He's awesome.

About 5 minutes after he sends me confirmation that he's made the ticket purchase, I get a g-chat from him...

"dude...check your calendar"

I'm like eh?  I check my calendar.  For some reason, I knew this was in relation to the show, so I'm like, there a conflict with the January 6th date?  Do we already have something planned?  Will we be out of town?  WHAT could I have forgotten that will conflict with this show???

Hmmm...weird - the website CLEARLY says Friday, January 6th...but this year...January 6th is on the Thursday.


The Cirque show is January 6, 2012.

Like I said.  I'm a tiny moron.  But least I have tickets!


  1. It's always good to have something to look forward to!

  2. Nicole, this made me laugh out loud. I love you!


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