Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peer Pressure? It's real and it works!

Okay, I have finally caved and submitted to peer pressure by starting a blog =)  This first post will be short and sweet - a quick thank you.  Thanks to all my amazing friends who have expressed interest in the (I believe) boring life that Marc and I are living out here in Colorado.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your own blogs, and I guess, if you're interested, I'll start my own so you can see what we're up to.

However, if you find my life boring, I can only say "I toldja so!".

Like I said, short and sweet.  I've procrastinated at work long enough (it's really handy having a knowledge of how to hard code html...I was able to customize my fonts!  Thank you, CS for Management Majors)

Hmmm...what will my sign-off, catch-phrase be???  Oh the difficult decisions in life...for now let's just say love ya much, until next time =)

- Nicole (and Marc)

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