Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh Hey HEY!!!

Doing a little pre-gaming before our flight...and I have exciting news...




BooYa!  As if this weekend needed help being amazing...we'll be flying to Vegas in style via First Class.  Thanks, United!  Then, my sweet hubby has informed me that we have ordered sedan pick-up service - so a dude will be standing by Starbucks with a sign that says "Yo!  Felices!  Over here!  I'm your ride!"

Okay...the sign probably won't say that, but I've never had sedan service so this will be great!

I should inform you that Marc is literally running around the apartment quoting How I Met Your Mother.

"What's up, New York?!"

"For all those girls with father issues that resolve it with binge drinking and promiscuity...we will be....there..."

He's cute.

And we're off!!!

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