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My goodness!  It's harder to keep up with blogs than I thought!
Here's a quick update on the life of the Colorado Felice Family:

We're Moving!
 That's right!  All my friends back in Atlanta are already blatantly aware of this, but I rarely stay in one location for more than 12 months.  You would think I actually enjoyed moving or something...I assure you...this is not the case.  I'v had very legitimate reasons to move the past few years (I have literally moved apartments every year, for the past 7 years...I'm DONE!) but I am  now proud to say I think we are going to stay put for a while...after this next move =)

Marc and I have been wanting to spread out and live in a house for a while, so we have finally found a super cute house to rent in Denver!  We're committed to being there for at least 2 years, so Christmas cards will go to the same location 2 times in a row!  Yay!

I'll be putting some pictures up soon - it's darling - so stay tuned!  In the meantime, here's a link to our google-maps location:

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So Much TV - So Little Time!
The fabulous Ryn had an excellent post on this a few weeks ago - but my goodness there is some KILLER entertainment on TV right now!  It's very hard to keep up.  While I'm not as into the action/drama's as I used to be, I am loving all the geek (should I say Gleek) focused stuff. 

The shows currently eating up my HD DVR:

- Dancing With the Stars (although I much prefer the "other" dancing show, SYTYCD.  Way better!  But I will settle for getting to watch some of the "other" shows successes such as Lacey and Chelsea tear it up with celebrities)
- Glee (please - is that so surprising?  And there are some cameos from my fave SYTYCD stars on this one too!  Did anyone catch Mark on the Britney Spears episode?!  LOVE it!)
Sister Wives (I know, I know, it's controversial and I am totally not supporting polygamy...but seriously...this show is like watching a train wreck.  I can't stop looking!)
- Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 3!  (gotta love those "southern belles" - puh-lease.  These "ladies" are anything BUT southern or belles.  It's quite annoying, but I always like watching to be like Oh, I used to eat at that restaurant or Oh, that's totally OTP and not Atlanta.  Plus I feel like watching gives me street cred)
- Tosh.0 (this one appeals to my inner "dude" - a 30 minute show that exploits idiots on the internet?!  Yes, please!)
- Anything HGTV - Mostly Divine Design, House Hunters and Bang for your Buck (I need help decorating...I live with a boy.)
Okay - I realize that most of these shows are not that classy, but after I've been at work all day, I really just need to laugh and be reminded that I have such an amazing life.  This show lineup definitely accomplishes that =)

Wedding Season - 3 Down and 2 To Go!
What an amazing Wedding Season it has been!  Not only was mine in the mix (it should count as 3...I had so much fun but so glad that's over!) but we were able to catch up with some great people and will be heading to some great places to wrap it up.

The next wedding location - VEGAS!!!  

Yep!  That's right - we're heading to Vegas (tonight actually!) for our friends, Ben and Michele's, wedding.  We're staying at the JW Marriott off the Vegas Strip and this hotel looks siiiiiiick.  I'm so pumped to have some time to chill at the pool, see our old friends from college, and, of course, gamble my savings away =)  I'll have pictures and fun stories to report next week!

After Vegas, we have a few weeks to rest and rebuild our equity, and then we're off to...

...wait for it...

DISNEY WORLD!!!  I'm totally not even kidding!  I have seriously and truly never been to Disney World before, so I am so super pumped about this.  I will be channeling my inner-child...I can already hear my dialogue now...OMG!  Is that Cinderella?!?  AHHH!!!  Is that MICKEY?!  Let's ride the Teacups!  NO!  I want Mickey Ears not stupid Pluto ears!

God has truly blessed me with an amazing husband and wonderful friends =)

Ski Season Around the Corner!

And I...Can't...Wait!  I bought new gear this past weekend (skis, boots, helmet...) and now I'm just waiting for the powder to show up.  However, there's no rush and I'm totally not complaining.  7% humidity and high of 82?  In October?  Yes - I'll take it. 

We are geared up to have some awesome visitors over the next few months and I'm so pumped!  The gorgeous Caroline will be visiting next week - right after Vegas - and I can't wait to show her my city.  We have a jam-packed schedule of hiking, eating, shopping, eating, biking, eating and exploring the city...and eating.

Then - over New Years - we are having a huge group of college pals come up for a New Years Ski Extravaganza!  Should be a great time - it will be the first time we've seen Bling and Lainey since they got engaged so I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Really - we're just so excited to get to share the beauty of Colorado with our friends back on the East Coast.  Are you interested in visiting?!  We'll have a huge house with plenty of space - so just let me know!

Stay Tuned for More Updates!
I'm so sorry I've been so slack with keeping this updated - but I am going to make an effort to get better!  Stay tuned - I should have some awesome pictures available in the next few weeks =)

Have a lovely weekend!!!

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  1. Sister Wives is an addiction, a bad one, but I totally understand. I just can't stop...

    I can't wait to see you and the new house!!!


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