Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Stylish? Who knew?!

Aww yay!  My first blog award!

Thanks to Kathryn for giving me this cute award, and a special thanks to Sarah for taking the pressure off to re-award this to 7 other people.  I'll definitely participate in the sharing of 7 fun facts, though!

1. When I started writing this, my pandora was playing "Teenage Dream" by Katie Perry.  Now it's playing "Down" by Jay Sean.  Listening to trashy music at work is how I fight the 2:30pm sleepies =)

2.  I was convinced I would NOT be one of those proud puppy mama's that talks about my dog at every opportunity.  I was wrong.  Now I'm worried that I'm going to have the "mine is smartest child in the world!" syndrome.  You know, my kid will be way more gifted than your kid...

3.  This may offend some people, but I have pretty much zero desire to go to England, Ireland, France...or any other European country.  But Egypt?  Samoa?  Morocco?  Indonesia?  New Zealand?  India?  Sign me up tomorrow!

4.  Okay - that statement is a little extreme.  I'll go back to Greece and Italy.  And I'd love to see Turkey.  I just have a greater desire to see the other places first.  I'm more fascinated by the natural wonders of the world versus architecture built by man.  However, seeing the Acropolis on our honeymoon was so moving it brought me to don't listen to anything I say.  I just want to travel and see it all =)

5.  Favorite food of all time = stuffed artichoke.  If I haven't made it for you yet, or if my Nanni hasn't made it for you, be thankful because you have no idea what you're missing.

6.  Sometimes I think I'm a 7th grade boy trapped in a 26 year old woman's body.  I giggle at really inappropriate things.

7.  I am seriously freaked out by anything with an exoskeleton.  I ate my first crab 2 months ago and I still can't kill a cockroach without intense moral support.  Okay...scratch that...I can't kill a cockroach at all, but thankfully we don't have those in Colorado so I hardly have to deal with them anymore =)

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  1. Haha, I know I stole everyone pass-it-on-to's, I thought about, but thats not the fun part anyway! I wanted to inspire a blog post so I could read it! :) I am going to be going to Athens this year, so I need you to give me some tips!


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