Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seriously? For real...

This may be my recurring "blog thing."  I've found that most "bloggers" have a recurring "blog thing" that they do or talk about.  It's a recurring thing that people start to look forward to.  Sort of like how SNL had their skits that everyone loved and got excited about seeing each week...back when SNL was legit and didn't blow.  (READY?!  Okay...)  (Ambiguously gay...DUO!)

So here's mine.  I'm going to do a little bit of venting in a segment I like to call 

Seriously.  For real...

People may not look forward to this and that's fine.  I just have realized that I have some thoughts during the day that I need to get out.  Sometimes I think they're hilarious.  Sometimes I'm just bitter...but either we go.  For real.
Seriously...I would be happy if I never have to hear a Rhianna or Lady Gaga song again.
My office has decided that Pandora is inappropriate to access at work and has (gasp!) blocked it.  Seriously.  Seriously!?!  Yes.  I'm for real.

However...Blogger, the Book, Gmail, G-chat...all that stuff that wastes countless hours during the day/week/month/year.  Not blocked.

I'm so incredibly angered by this. 


I may actually click on the link that says "if you believe there is a legitimate reason for removing this url from the list, or the inability to access this site represents a business risk, you may contact the Service Desk..."

Yes, those bolded and underlined phrases are actually bolded and underlined in the warning.  I'm sorry...who the hell decided that they should ADD pandora to this list?  Who was I hurting?  Seriously?!
I'm still sort of bitter that I have been waiting for a White Christmas my whole life.  I thought this would become a regular occurrence when we finally moved to Colorado, where snow is common in the winter time.  And look what happens.

Georgia = White Christmas

Colorado = 65 degrees on Christmas

Nicole = pissed off

I mean...not totally pissed off...I was still very thankful and happy and blessed and all that...but c'mon!  Seriously!
Alrighty I'm done.  It's snowing outside and I'm getting my eyebrows done.


  1. My old office blocked Pandora too. It was a bandwidth thing. Too many people were on it and it was affecting the least that's what they told us...

  2. Okay...that's way more legit than what I was thinking. But still...totally sucks!

  3. My office blocked Pandora for bandwidth reasons as well :-/ Gmail and facebook are still ok!


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