Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Decking our Halls =)

This is a teaser post - Marc and I literally just got back from Pittsburgh and are in the process of unpacking (and ordered a pizza for dinner...detox will start tomorrow, I promise!), and I wanted to showcase our first real "decking of the halls" in a real house...

..when we weren't freaking out about burglary, flooding, vandalism, the police, our landlord discovering we got a puppy...and moving...

...all at the same time =)

Here you go!  I swear I took a TON of pictures of the twins first Christmas, and those will be appearing later this week =)

Full view of our living room - complete with "Once Upon a Time" in the background =)

More pinterest inspiration - I plan to continue to change this out each season.

Next year, I am absolutely not waiting until the last minute to order some cute, personalized, PB stockings.  I've been kicking myself to two years in a row since every time I try to order them, they're sold out!

That cute boy is not part of my Christmas decor =)

My mom gave me this Nativity scene - it's the one I grew up with =)

I love a seasonal table runner - can you tell?
Note how insanely "non-childproof" our house is...opened liquor, toothpicks, wine and variety of other alcohol-related items in plain site on the bottom shelf.  The next time the twins visit, we will have a better storage facility for such things =)

Decorating the chandelier like this is such a huge pain.  I'm doing something completely different next time.

Also, next year, I'm stealing some pinterest inspiration and changing up my Christmas card display.  This is way lame.

Fabulous fake Christmas tree!  If we ever stay in town for Christmas, I will consider getting a real one.  Right now, I like the low-maintenance-ness of the fake one and I light a "balsam fir" scented candle.  Works for me!

Hey pup!  She's enjoying her new blankie =)

Sarah - this is, by far, still my favorite ornament!

Some new additions and yes...

...the Biebs made an appearance this year!  This was a "gag" gift I received as a hostess gift...but it's still front and center and I plan on keeping it there =)

Not many people have seen the downstairs of our house.  You may or may not care, but I thought I'd snap a few shots =)

If you are my guest, I will lay out fancy towels for you and light a candle =)

And I will fluff your pillows.

"Glamour" shot of the bathroom since Atlanta peeps have never seen it.  Complete with cooling curling iron!  Also, please note the grandma-esk sink in the shape of a seashell.  I have grown to love and appreciate my beige, seashell sink =)
Merry Christmas to all!
There you have it!  The "casa de felice" all decked out for Christmas.  Up next, Christmas twin pics that are so cute, you will think your eyes are planing tricks on you =)

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. LOVE all of it! I am so sad that I'm not getting on a plane tomorrow to come see you for new year's like I did last year...


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