Friday, December 9, 2011

Coming Soon...

I promise I will be providing updates very soon.  The past month has been a slight whirlwind, but here's a quick glimpse at what's coming:
  • - Update on Thanksgiving
  • - Overview of happy highlights from (worst) trip (ever) to New Orleans
  • - Christmas party planning and execution!
  • - Dave and Rachel's visit with the twins (hasn't happened yet...but it's definitely something I'll write about!)
Also!  I've been doing waaay better at taking pictures of stuff, including the "pre-pictures".  I've found that I get way insecure when I only see pictures of gorgeously decorated, organized and clean houses, but I have to remind myself that there's probably a big pile of clutter lying in a back room somewhere.  It makes me feel better to remember that everyone has a "messy" home sometimes, so I will definitely not be ashamed to share the "before" and "after" shots of my humble casa.  Hopefully you enjoy these as much as I enjoy seeing pictures of yours =)

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Nicole, you're too funny. My before pictures are too hideous to share, so I don't!


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