Monday, October 1, 2012

The Magic of Paint - Bathroom.

Alrighty, this is my last update.  After today, I'm crawling into the hole of chaos that is our new house and I will not emerge until we have gotten rid of all the boxes.

Scratch that.

I will not emerge until we have gotten rid of most of the boxes...upstairs...okay in at least ONE room upstairs.

Here was our upstairs bathroom before:
Purple window.  Purple mirror shelf...oh and if you opened the mirror, the whole inside was painted purple.  Eggplant purple.  And the walls were STARK white. white.

And again...with that half painted door.  And purple trim.

The previous owners had recently redone the tile and  it's  not awful, but the colors they painted were not helping the cause.  I was intrigued by the archway, but it was difficult to get excited when the eggplant purple trim kept distracting me.

One more before:
And after:
Now I am so excited to get decorating!  I've ordered a white ruffled shower curtain to soften the space a little and provide some contrast against the manly tile work, and working on getting some bathroom furniture in here for storage. 

We went with Burnished Clay for the walls, and Heavy Cream for the trim.  What a difference!
And with that, I will disappear until my home is slightly more put together =) 


  1. I want to see it in person! Everything looks AWESOME!

  2. I love all your paint colors! I am excited to see more :-)


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