Thursday, October 10, 2013

Late 20's Rock

Normally I don't repost stuff like buzzfeeds, but this is one of the few gems that actually made me LOL and go "Yes.  Yes!  YES!"

29 Underrated Things About Being in Your Late 20's

Check it out. 

My personal favorites:
  • #2 - yeah, I don't care
  • #5 - There was no gmail or youtube when I was in college!  Not until the very very end, at least.
  • #10 - 'nuff said.
  • #20 - ...I have started making the same jokes my dad used to, and I'm sure my hubby doesn't appreciate it, but I crack myself up =)
  • #25 - AMEN!  Call me cranky, but there are better ways to spend my free nights.
  •  #28 - Sad but true.
Hope you enjoyed them!  Happy Thursday =)

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