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My Fabulous ATL Weekend (back in August...oops!)

This is the very reason I started this blog...I have A-MA-ZING friends.  Not just good, not awesome...A-MA-ZING.  I was very thankful and very lucky to get to spend the weekend with a few of them back in August =)

As you know (or may not know) my husband and I moved to Colorado from Georgia last October.  It's been a fabulous experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but the only down-side has been missing out on some incredibly important life-events for some very very special people in my life (interpret...weddings and babies and graduations, oh my!).

So you can imagine my delight when Marc and I were able to travel back to Atlanta for not just one, but TWO very big events - 1) Pradeep and Sarah's wedding (uuuum...which was beautiful, btw) and 2) a baby shower for the stunning and lovely Sarah (a different one than the one who got married)  =)

I had pretty much convinced myself that I would not be sleeping this weekend, and I was dead on the money.  I think I got about 7 hours of sleep in 3 days!

Here's a summary of the weekend's festivities.  There were only about 8 hours total of overlap for me and Marc...we basically landed in Hartsfield-Jackson and went our separate ways.  Don't be alarmed - this is very typical behavior for the Felices =)

Friday, August 13

Marc and I land in Atlanta around 3-ish.  From here, our evenings took drastically different routes but ultimately ended up at the same place - at a bar with the groom (for the wedding on Saturday).

I was instantly whisked away to spend some QT with Kirby, Peaky and Felicity - three of my all-time favorite peeps =)  My evening consisted of the usual:  girl-talk, baby-talk, tummy-time (for Felicity), boy-talk, dinner at Willies, getting my bangs trimmed (yay!) and a quick drive around Tech's campus.  I mean, honestly, what trip to the town of your alma mater is complete without a quick drive around campus?  Peaky was so thoughtful to suggest it!

Since I wasn't present, I can only imagine Marc's evening went a little something like this...Taking MARTA from the airport to Kanno's, drinking at Kanno's, waiting for more people to arrive at Kanno's, more drinking at Kanno's, going to see the Expendable's (flasking, of course), dinner?  (there is serious question as to whether the boys actually ate a real meal that day)

It was at this point that I met up with boys and some other friends, including the groom, to head to an old local favorite, Charlie G's.  More drinking, and of course, some famous french fries with blue cheese and chicken rolls. 
(btw - I really wish I'd taken pictures at Charlie G's...the upstairs was jam-packed with our buds from college and I actually got a little emotional because I was 1) so happy to see everyone and 2) it was just like old times!  The only difference is that all the boys are trim and in shape now...and I'm not...funny how that works)

After Charlie G's, the boys and groom wanted to hit up some club action - off to Cosmo.  While I used to throw down, I took to being a creepy people-watcher on the sidelines.  I'm just too old to grind on strangers anymore, plus I was tired from the flight.  I observe some sweaty (HUMIDITY!) dancing from the sidelines and watch as everyone (except Marc and Joey) try to convince the groom to go to a strip club.  Keep in mind - it's 2am and the wedding is in t-minus 18 hours.  But he's a good boy and we all end up back at the hotel safe and sound.  Marc and Joey are awesome =)
      Saturday, August 15
      Sarah's Baby Shower
      To say Saturday was an awesome yet exhausting day would be a massive understatement.  I woke up super early (still on mountain time) to go to Sarah's baby shower in May-retta.  I can honestly say that this was my first baby shower (since I had to miss Kirby's earlier in the year...*sad face*) and it made me want to increase fertility in all my girlfriends so I could go to more.  Seriously.  It was amazing.  SO much fun!  Who knew?!
      All the girls with the beautiful mommy-to-be!
      I guess, when you think about it, any social gathering can be fun if the right people are there, and this shower was absolutely no exception.  I was so blessed and so thankful to be spending time with girlfriends that I had literally known since I was 14 (some of them even went to elementary school together!).  The food was amazing, the house looked gorgeous, the hostesses were stellar, and, of course, Mommy-to-be was an image of beauty =)

      Here are some pics I took, but look to the other ladies' blogs for better pictures!
      You betcha, it's a girl!  And look at all those presents =)
      These two...words can't describe =)  I like to think we're famous.

      Sarah and Pradeep's Wedding!
      After the shower, Peaky drove me back to the hotel around 4:30ish.  It was time for a quick (like 10 minute) nap, hair/make-up refresh and then off to Sarah and Pradeeps wedding! 

      (I would like to mention that while I had already had a pretty busy day and was walking through the door, Marc was just rousing himself from a nap.  He had woken up around 10 and gone golfing with the boys - I had little pity on him since I'd woken up around 7).

      Okay - back to the wedding =)

      Sarah and Pradeep got married at the beautiful botanical gardens in Piedmont, and this wedding was absolutely gorgeous.  Everything was earthy and organic and fit their personalities perfectly.  I loved her color scheme of pale greens with white accents.  Instead of a traditional alter, she had two trees set up for her and Pradeep to say their vows. 
      I love that they're smiling =)
      Mr. and Mrs. Mangalapalli!!!
      I think my favorite part was their "guest book."  Sarah is quite the painter, so she painted a picture of a big oak tree and had their vows circling around it.  Then she had her guests sign their names on these cloth leaves to add to the tree.  It was such a great and personal touch, I was sort of obsessed with it - I'm so mad I didn't get a picture!  Sarah did such a great job of thinking of every single detail, from the programs, to the table cards and even to their "guest book".    Seriously, after just having planned my own wedding from across the country, I sort of wish I'd had her help me!

      I do have to say, one thing I was not expecting about this wedding was my reaction.  I've been to weddings before.  I've watched some of my best friends get married.  I just got married myself.  I don't know why, but I.  Lost.  It.  Like...I mean I LOST it.  As soon as Pradeep walked down the aisle, I was a blubbering, oozing mess.  I mean, I was crying not in a sweet way,  you know, where like you're all stoic and a tear runs down your cheek.  I mean I was like heaving.

      I have a lot of theories as to why this may have happened, and I think the most viable one is the fact that it was the first wedding I went to after my own.  I dunno - I'd never been to "my own" wedding before except for the one I just had (obvi), so I didn't know how I would react.  I figured I'd cry, but I didn't really.  I think part of the reason why is that at your own wedding, there's so much on your mind.  Then, when you go to someone elses wedding and hear their vows, it really and truly hits you how amazing it was and what a tremendous milestone it is in your life.  As if watching two people takes you back and reminds you what sort of commitment you had just made.

      Whatever the reason, I was a blubbering mess, but my makeup did not smear!

      After I finally pulled myself together and the ceremony ended, we had an amazing cocktail hour and reception.  The food was delicious.  I'm not joking.  It was baller.  They had different "dinner" stations where you could select the type of cuisine you wanted.  I definitely stuffed myself full of roasted zuccini and asparagus.  I pretty much can't help myself if there are roasted veggies around =)

      Then, of course, we drank and danced the night away.  Seriously, it was such a great day and it was so wonderful to be around so many old friends from college.  I love stuff like this...getting to see everyone all grown up.  It's so much fun!

      The next morning, I, again, woke up early (while Marc slept) and had breakfast with another girlfriend I hadn't seen since our wedding.  It was quick, but definitely worth the lack of sleep =)

      So that was basically the end of my weekend!  I had an amazing Saturday where I was able to share two big events with two sets of people that I love dearly.  What more could you ask for?  I mean...I guess I could ask to fit into a size 2 again...but that's neither here nor there =)

      Flying home to Colorado was bitter-sweet.  It was so great to be home - I have really fallen in love with this place - the mountains, the dry heat, the people.  But the weekend also reminded me of what I was missing back East. 

      I will say, one thing I've learned (and grown to cherish) in the past year that we've been in Colorado is the fact that the people who are important will find a way to stay in touch - no matter what the distance.  I live over 1,000 miles from these girls and guys and they are still a huge part of my life.  I guess that's why blogging is important =)

      So that's that.  A super late blog post (almost a month past due!) but better late than never, right?  Hope everyone is having a great fall and enjoying start of football season.  Goooo Jackets!!!

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      1. This was a great post, but you forgot the most important part. This was the weekend that Crystal and I convienced you to start a blog!


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