Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Fall!

As promised - pictures of the house and my little "fall-scape."  (hehe...sorry I don't get tired of calling it that).

I would like to preface with the fact that I am not, nor do I claim to be, artsy-fartsy in any way.  I am also not a professional apologies for some of these less-than-stellar photos =)

Happy Fall!  View of the "fall-scape" (hehe!) - complete with a Georgia Tech flag flyin' high and proud out front =)  Hmm...I think I need way more pumpkins.  Maybe I'll fix that this weekend...

Over-exposure, much?  But check out my adorable scarecrow.  Her name is Priscilla.  And I def need more pumpkins...

I love my warty pumpkin!  (the guy on the bottom)
Why Priscilla.  You are looking truly fabulous today.  But your hair is a mess...
Ooh my...Priscilla, you look spooky at night...please don't scare the kids (or do...)
Flameless candles.  I heart you.
Close up of my warty pumpkin.  It's blurry...I apologize.
I confess.  The tiny ones are fake (don't tell!)
...more case you didn't notice the glitter.  But the big one is real!

You can see the corner of our milk-man box behind her (yes...we have a milk's awesome)

Marc knew I was looking for "haystacks".  He called me while he was at he hardware store and was like "They have haystacks!  I'm buying one..."  Didn't even ask - just went and did it.  What a great partner in crime =)

Warty pumpkin!!!  This guy is my fave.  I can't figure out if I want to carve him or not...

Okay, so probably more pics of the fall-scape than you wanted, but I'm making up for the fact that I hardly ever take pictures.  I actually deleted quite a few!

Now for pictures of our super clean house.  I apologize for how long it took to get these taken. Also, see if you can find the "pinterest" inspiration.  There's quite a bit of it =)

Enjoy the Casa de Felice!

Confession.  I'm obsessed - like - OB-SESSED - with phrases painted on wood. 
Have a great day!
That painting is from an artist in New Orleans.  I bought it with Marc while we were there for SigEp formal...which is where we officially started "dating".  *awww*  It depicts an image of "i love you" in sign language.

I like stacked frames =)

"...It is now my privilege to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Marc Felice."
Door to the kitchen at the back left of the photo.
The mantle is the reason we were sold on this house.  It's making the house-hunt very difficult because I want a fireplace similar to this and I tell you - them thangs is hard to come by.

Master bedroom!  Wow...looking at this makes me realize our MB is mega boring.  But the back wall is plaster (plus the house is a rental) and it's a pain the BOOTY to hang stuff =(  I guess I'll just have to live with the boring-ness for a little while longer.
Marc does not hate this!
Oiye - seriously realize we need much more color  and "schtuff" in here...but holding back until we buy a house!

Front door on the right.  We put the Christmas tree in front of that window since it's the perfect place to showcase it to the street =)
Dining room.  Complete with the rental table and chairs from the huge dinner party.  I mostly wanted to show off the chandelier (original from the 1930's!) and the window treatments...I did it myself.  Not super fancy but I think it's nice!
China cabinet!  Entrance to the kitchen on the right.  The window above is to the far right.  Hallway entrance to the master is on the left.
Awesome wedding gifts =)  Our anniversary (5-15-10) and our framed invitation.

Cheesy pillows from Joanne's fabrics.  No...I'm not a 75 year old woman but I love Joannes and I love pillows like this!  Sue me.

The end!  There's no place like home, ya'll =)
And there you  have it!  Well...that's the "exciting" part of the house.  Maybe if we ever decorate the basement (unlikely) I'll provide some pics of that.  One thing I definitely need to show is the "before-the-flood" before pictures and the "after-the-flood" before pictures.  It is a crazy difference!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend =)  Happy Fall!


  1. aww I love your house! And I love your fall-scape :-). I like your mantle too - and I think if you want one similar in your new house you'd have better luck installing one like that, or maybe even building it. If you find a house with just a plain wooden mantle they are pretty easy to rip out and install a new one!

    Thanks for posting all these pictures and indulging in my cyber-stalking, haha!! Love them and you've done such a good job making your house a cozy little home!

  2. LOVE IT!!! Priscilla is awesome. Thanks for posting.

  3. I love your fall-scape! And your house. I love your mantle, it's so neat. In summary, I love you. I really really want/need to come visit you!


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