Monday, October 3, 2011

This Man.

This man.  If you don't know him, do a quick search:
His name is J.R. Martinez and he used to look like this:
This man.  He had me in tears tonight.  Not the gentle, flowy, and subtle type of tears.  The kind that make you heave and gasp for breath.  I totally lost it.

When I read about or hear about men (women, people) like this, it makes me feel selfish for ever complaining about the hands I've been dealt in life.  It also reminds me that these are the people we should be looking up to.  The real hero's who have sacrificed and fought...these are who our idols should be.  These are the people who should be winning awards and being followed and harassed for autographs.

This man gave me a lot to think about tonight and reminded me to be thankful for all I have.

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