Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween =)

 Happy Halloween!
Our little Yellow Jacket =)
Before our Halloween Party on Saturday night.  I'm a witch and can you guess what Marc is? 
 We've been looking forward to Halloween for weeks (I even bought dry ice for my "witches cauldron" of candy).  We bought 8 bags of candy in anticipation of all the trick-or-treaters in our new, kid-friendly 'hood.

Then we heard from our neighbors today that hardly any kids come trick-or-treating since we live in the city!  We were a little bummed, and at first it seemed like we weren't going to have any kids stop by the house.  By 6:30 we'd only had about 3 kids (infants with parents).  We tried to stay in good spirits, but we were pretty disappointed by the lack of cute, little costumes.
Marc's pumpkin - this pumpkin is particularly scary since there's blood on it (he sliced his finger reeeal good carving this guy)
My pumpkin!  Inspired by Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.
Well - I guess the Denver kids trick-or-treat late, because once 7:30 hit, it seemed like the flood-gates opened.  In all, I'd say we had about 30-40-ish kids trick-or-treat at our house and we loved it!  Everyone was so friendly and I had a great time seeing everyone all dressed up.  Several of the little ones even sang the full song, and they were blushing the whole time (especially the "I'll pull down your underwear!" part).  (the parents made the kids sing, not me!)

My favorite costume of the night - three little girls dressed as "sushi".  Imagine it.  They wore all white, with green belts and pink pillows tied to their backs.  SO cute!  I'm totally going as sushi next year =)

I found immense joy in all the kids that came by and commented on our "fun pumpkins", and one neighbor even said our decorations were "an inspiration to the rest of the folks on the street".  We were apparently the first ones to decorate our yard this year, and I guess the beauty of my fabulous fall-scape inspired the rest of the street to join in the Halloween decorating fun!  It was the greatest compliment ever - then they told me they were excited to see our Christmas decorations.  Talk about pressure!

Okay - it's, like, impossible to take non-blurry pictures in the dark.
I know some people aren't into the whole "Halloween" deal and that's definitely been us in the past.  However, I don't know, maybe it's because we have a beautiful niece and nephew now, maybe it's because we have a dog, or maybe because we have a house that's fun to decorate, but we had a lot of fun with getting in the Halloween spirit this year. 
Happy Halloween from the Bloomington Felices!
Hope your Halloween was great!  I can't wait to see pictures =)

(PS:  Marc was Dwight Schrute from the Office - did you figure it out??)


  1. Your niece and nephew are just about the cutest things I have ever seen!!! I love their costumes! And I love that Marc was Dwight! And I love your decorations! I think I am pretty much just Felice obsessed!

  2. I LOVE your Jack pumpkin. I've never seen one of those and I might have to steal it for next year :-) Also, Polly is the cutest yellow jacket I've ever seen.

    Aww...Your niece and nephew are adorable. It's so much fun dressing up babies anyway, but it's got to be like exponential with twins.


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