Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Too much excitement!

...WAY too much excitement for Facebook!  Whenever I'm insanely pumped about something, I will typically provide my digital "friends" with a happy little FB post or a G-status update.  It's efficient and gets the point across.  However, I don't want to be one of those "a million updates a day" types of people - sorry, I think that's obnoxious - but I still want to update my cyber-buds!

What's a girl to do? 

Well, I'm going to do one long "Yay!" post, much like some of my other girfriends do.  I love reading their little happy diddies, so I thought I'd share some of mine that have happened over the past couple of days =)  Enjoy!

It's almost Turkey Time!!!  Our dear friend, Gord(on) is coming to visit for the weekend and I.Can't.Wait!  Marc and I decided to "host" Thanksgiving for all our transplant friends in Denver who wouldn't be with family for the holidays, and we were quite excited that the guest count could get up to about 8 people (it would be my first time hosting Turkey Day, so that's a lot for me!).  Well...now it's just the two of us plus a 12 pound turkey.  Gord is coming in Thursday evening so he won't doing the actual "dinner" with us, but we'll definitely have pleeeeenty of leftovers.  Even though it's different than what we originally thought, I'm so excited and really looking forward to it!
That being said - I'm also excited that we decided to go with a fresh turkey from a local shop this year.  There's this awesome meat market right down the street from our house that we've been going to, and we can't wait to pick up our little gobbler tomorrow.  It will be my first time playing with a fresh turkey, and I'm excited because I know that he was living a fun and happy, natural life in Colorado just a few days ago.  It's kinda neat knowing exactly where your turkey is coming from (only a few miles away)!

I'm going to Florida in a few weeks!  An opportunity came up at work and our little team is going to take a trip to Clearwater for a meeting with a new partner.  This is way exciting for a few reasons:
  • -  I'm pumped to be a part of the contract negotiations...this is a new venture for us and it's really neat to get to see this side of the coin - great development opportunity! (okay, that's way lame but I am actually really excited!
  • -  We'll be in Florida.  In December.  And our hotel is on the beach - yayyy!  The meeting is on Monday and we're flying in Sunday to get some time to soak up the sun beforehand.
  • - I get to see my team plus a co-worker who just left the company.  I miss all of them and it's always nice to get together =)
Second Annual Denver Ornament Exchange and 5th Annual Atlanta (remote) Ornament Exchange!  That's a lot - but I can't wait!!  I love my girlfriends and I love that we keep these traditions going - plus it helps to keep my tree from being totally naked =)

Christmas!!  I'm so looking forward to Christmas decorations, Christmas music, Christmas cookies, Christmas parties...all things related to holiday cheer =)  I'm also excited for all the other holidays we celebrate at this time of year (look at me, trying to be PC).

Awesome weather!  I have been loving the fact that it's still in the 60's during the day so I can go run with my pup.  I'm ALSO excited that I have been slowly but surely improving my mile time each week...and since I've been taking care of my body, actually stretching and icing after every run, my knee hasn't hurt me at all!  Maybe the hopes of a 1/2 marathon aren't completely out the window just yet =)

Along the same vein, I'm excited that I finally discovered the "genius" setting on my iPod, so I have new and fun playlists to run to.  Today, I was kept pumped up by the likes of my favorite boys bands and ladies of the late 90s (thanks a lot BSB, N'Sync, Brit, Mariah, Celine and Christina...you guys rock).
Shipments a-comin!  This is really what started the whole thing.  I did some online shopping and I just got notices that all my stuff has shipped - Yahoo!  I don't like battling the holiday rushes at the mall this time of year, but I enjoy taking advantage of the sales...AND I haven't shopped for myself in a while and I needed some new winter stuff.  So, I've got some cute clothes on the way, plus Marc and I decided to add a couple place-settings to both our casual and fancy china since it was on sale.  I can't wait for the Lenox box to come to my door =)
I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am getting ready for the holidays.  Happy (early) Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Hey! I'm completely intrigued by the fresh turkey. How did it turn out?

    Hope you had a good visit with Gord!


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