Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Crafty Time!

Okay - so I'm officially, like, the least crafty, artsy or creative person ever, but I wanted to share a fun little diddy I made for the neighbors last weekend.  I stole a bit of inspiration from none other than Miss Martha, put my own little spin on things, and ended up with these:

Beetle Muffins!  Enjoy at your own risk.
 (okay, seriously, if you have one of those point-and-snap cameras, how do you get it to zoom in on text and take non-blurry pictures?  I took a million pics of this on a bunch of different settings and this is the best I got...annoying!)

I've referenced this before, but because of our garden, we've had quite a plethora of zucchini, so I've been doing lots of experimenting with different recipes over the past few months.  I've made more zucchini muffins, pies, cakes, and fritters than you can imagine, so I figured I would put a spooky spin on one of my new favorite recipes and give them as gifts to the neighbors.

Here's where the idea for the "beetle muffins" originally came from:  
Creepy Crawly Invites from Martha Stewart
 I kind of loved the "bug" idea for a spooky spin (I'm not a fan of "bloody" or "corps-ey" Halloween fare), so I took this muffin recipe and made a few additions to it.  I omitted the nuts/cranberries and added chocolate chips instead (they would be my "beetles"), plus a dash of cocoa powder for extra chocolatey goodness =)

They came out pretty good!
Then, it was time for "crafty" part.  I made little "beetle muffin" labels and printed them out on card stock.
I had gone to Michaels to buys some of those fun "chinese-food" boxes in orange and purple, plus some halloween ribbon.  After the labels and the muffins were done, it was time to stuff the boxes.

I cut out sheets of parchment paper, since the boxes are not "food compatible".

Each box got 2 sheets of paper...
...then were stuffed full of my "beetle muffins"
Time to decorate!  The orange boxes got the black and white polka dot ribbons.
And the black boxes got the purple ribbon.  Very "Halloween-trendy" =)
And they're done!  I like the color combos =)
I made a few batches to hand out to the neighbors and a few work people, and overall, I was pleased with the results.  Again, I'm not super crafty or creative, but I had a lot of fun doing this over the weekend while we were getting ready for Halloween.

Just wanted to share a fun little crafty-outlet I created for myself =)  Hope you enjoy!

In other news...who's ready for LSU / Alabama tonight??  Georgia Tech is off this weekend in preparation for our Thursday night game next week against Virginia Tech.  I trust they will also be taking the bye-week to get they're heads back on straight after the fun little romp-fest they had over the Tigers last weekend (yeeeeah!!!!).  Because we're not playing, I'll be supporting my girlfriend in cheering for the Tide versus LSU =)  Roll Tide, Karen!!!

EPIC touchdown reach by David Sims =)
Go Jackets!!!
Have a great weekend!!

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