Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Okay, know how I was super excited about online shopping shipments coming?  Well, they came (and they were awesome) so this morning I wanted to wear this new top that I got for myself.  Seems reasonable.

The new shirt looked super cute with the skirt I was planning to wear, but I needed to iron out some of the creases.  So I pull out the iron...and the shirt melted.  I've never had that happen to me before!  AND I checked the tag, and it said it could be ironed!  Well, it said "cool iron", but I always iron everything on the same setting and have never had an issue...but seriously, I mean this thing just melted like a piece of cheese.  Talk about starting off your day on the wrong foot.  Hrumph.

So...not sure what I should do now.  It's my fault, right?  So I can't really return it?  Do I buy another one?  Do I try to return it?

Blah.  At least there was no traffic on the way to work and they had Starbucks Christmas Blend in the cafeteria this morning.  Honestly, I think it tastes the same as the normal stuff, but the label is way more festive and put me in a cheery mood =)


  1. you need to get a clothes steamer, it works so much faster than ironing and then you never melt your clothes!! But seriously, that sucks! How was your visit with Gordon??

  2. Humm, that is weird! I would probably buy another one if I really liked it though, but first I would call the company and tell them just to see, they might do something...


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