Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's coming it's coming it's coming...

We're heading to Vegas this weekend to celebrate a girl I've known and loved since the fabulous days of Tritt Elementary (Go Tritt Tigers!) for her bachelorette par-tay.


A little preview...

The location - getting a little "beach" time in, for sure.

The outfits...

Yes - embracing my inner 21 year old.  White flowy top with a hot pink mini-skirt for Friday night.  I assure you, I will make this look as classy as possible.

For Saturday, I can't find the exact top I got, but similar to this.  Black and flowy tunic (I guess?) pairing with a short black skirt so the whole think kinda looks like a dress.  Sounds tacky - it's actually cute, promise =)

The drink of choice...

Pretty sure I will drink more margaritas this weekend than ever before =)

And, of course, spending time with some fabulous ladies that I love.  So very very excited!

Vegas, baby!!

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