Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ramblings from the Hubs

...actually, this is a rambling from me.  I feel like I should also share when I do/say something silly or, in this case, really stupid.

While cooking dinner and preparing potatoes for a yummy potato dish:
    • Marc:  Are those potatoes still good?  They've been in the sun...
    • Me:  Oh yeah, they're fine.  The few mushy ones I'll throw away - you know - don't want to die of potato famine (laughter).
    • Marc:  ...potato famine?  How would we die of potato famine?
    • Me:  ...duh...historical reference...the Irish Potato Famine...when everyone died of eating rotten potatoes (scoffs - in my head I was thinking "you moron").
    • Marc: Um.  No.  The Irish Potato Famine killed the potatoes...and people died of starvation.
    • Me:  .......okay I totally don't believe you.
Well...I looked it up today, and turns out I'm the moron.  I apologize to those of you who are of Irish heritage who may have been offended by my utter lack of historical knowledge.

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