Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vegas Recap - Day 1

I figured I'd spare you the lengthy update and break this into several snippets.  Here's part one of our Fabulous Vegas Weekend =)

Three of us decided to fly out together on Thursday afternoon to take full advantage of our Vegas time =)
The lovely bachelorette, her future SIL and me!  Free drinks on our flight - thank you very much =)
 We decided to ride to the hotel in style, and our limo got upgraded!  Our driver was awesome and let us partake in the champagne that was provided =)
Pop the bubbly!
 Arriving at our hotel and we needed to stop for a quick photo-opp.  This was when we were living in bliss and thinking there would be no logistical issues...
Colorful pants.  Welcome to Vegas!
 ...unfortunately, we learned that ALL MGM properties were experiencing a computer crash.  We literally waited in line to check in for over 5 hours...but we managed to make a few new friends.  Misery loves company!
Our new friends!
Free drink tickets make all things better!
 Thankfully, Kelsey arrived JUST as we were checking in.  We headed to our rooms, drank a little more champagne, and then headed out to dinner at miX Lounge.
Rocking the self timer!
Dinner at miX Lounge.  So yummy!
 After dinner, we were exhausted and headed back to the room for bed.  We had a full day in store and needed to get a good nights sleep =)

A pleasant side effect of the computer issue was that they gave us a room with an insane view.  Check it out!
This is literally the view from our hotel room.  Breathtaking!
That wraps up Day One.  More to come - Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

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