Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Birthday - El Final

Alrighty - my last update on Dominic and Renata's birthday.  Just wanted to show you some of the fun activities for the kiddos (and, let's be honest, the grown-ups) and share some pictures of the guests!

The Indiana Felices had just made the transition to their new home about a month before the birthday party.  Insanity - I know.

That being said, they had a pretty awesome turnout of friends and family, considering they were a few hours away from their original home in Bloomington.  Here are some highlights:

Miles, Marc and Jim - enjoying the Indiana sun on the back porch.
Gram and Dominic - all the way from Pennsylvania
Some of their college friends with their little ones!
Dave and Rach had an amazing set-up for the other kiddo's attending the party - I definitely took a few notes!
They had an amazing ball pit!  I'm not gonna lie - I may or may not have gotten in this and tried to bury myself so I could scare grownups as they walked by...
Cute little bouncies!!!

The kids had so much fun playing with Dominic and Renata's toys =)
I think they did a great job of having enough stuff for the kids to do, as well as having enough grown-up stuff for the adults (aka...booze).  Lots of things I need to think about for when we're on the hook for a baby's birthday party =)

...okay and because I don't really have a way to wrap this up, I'll close with a fun picture that we took in New Buffalo, MI - a fun little "beach" town right off of Lake Michigan.  Since we stayed the weekend, we took a fun little day trip to check out the town and go to lunch - it was such a great time!
Dave and Rach - thanks so much for a super fun weekend and letting us join in the fun =)  And, of course, Happy Birthday to Dominic and Renata!!

The End.

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  1. That ball pit is AWESOME!!! I would have peed in my pants if you jumped out of it as I walked by!


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