Friday, July 6, 2012

First Birthday - Round Dos

Alrighty!  Now on to the grown-up part of Dominic and Renata's First Birthday Extravaganza - the food and decor =)

Dave and Rach are pretty fabulous entertainers (it must be a Felice thing...hehe), and they went all out for their sweet boy and girl's First Birthday party.  They used the "Uno" theme and carried it throughout the house, food, invitations and even their outfits!
They had a HUGE banner hung up in the living room...
...I needed to take two pictures of it, since it was so big!
And they had these fun "Uno-colored" lanterns hung, and streamers coming from all the lights.
I think every First Birthday needs baby pictures, so Rach made a cute little feature wall with pictures of Dominic and Renata from each month.
And then there was the food.  Oooh the food...
"Before" the food...
A little pre-party prosecco?  Surely!
If you don't know, Dave is quite the culinary genius, and Rachel isn't too shabby in the kitchen herself, so the food was in.cred.ah.ble.

On the menu:
    • Mini-slider burgers
    • Mini grilled cheeses
    • Dill cole-slaw
    • Award-winning homemade salsa =)
    • Grilled and sauteed corn on the cob (to DIE for!)

Mini grilled cheese!  I ate, oh, about half a dozen of these =)
And then there were the desserts =)  One of Marc and Dave's cousins own a bakery and made this super cute cookie platter...
Tell me that's not adorable!
...and then the cake.  Sweet Lord in Heaven, the is a primo example of Dave's prowess in the culinary arts:
Yes.  Dave MADE this cake.
...just to give you an idea of how massive this cake was compared to a person...or a one year old (or two one year olds!)
I'd heard rumors of Dave's amazing cake-making capabilities before, but this was the first one I'd seen in person.  I was quite impressed, not just with the "Uno" decoration on top, but with the detail that went into assembly!  Check out the layers...
Who wouldn't want a piece of this cake???
Awww...proud parents - seriously how massive is that cake????
...yeah.  That happened.  And I ate a few slices and it was delicious =)

Overall - we definitely did NOT go hungry last weekend.  I basically used any excuse possible to eat another slider or mini grilled cheese.  "Oh we're opening presents?  Well, I must have a grilled cheese in one hand and a glass of wine in the other in order to watch this..." =)

And that wraps up the food portion of the Uno Overview.  Coming up in Round Tres' - kid activities.  Stay tuned!


...mmm...okay, and now I want some cake =)

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