Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Birthday - Round Uno

I have decided - I LOVE childrens' first birthdays =)  It's not only a celebration of their actual birthday, but it's also a celebration to the parents for surviving that first year of child-rearing.  And, even though I'm not a parent, I recognize that that is a HUGE milestone and accomplishment!

This past weekend, Marc and I headed to Granger, Indiana, to celebrate our niece and nephews FIRST birthday, and check out the brand new Casa de Felice.  I'll break this update into a few highlights, but today we'll start with the cute tot pictures =)


Dave and Rachel went all out with the "Uno" theme and had these adorable onesies made for Dominic and Renata.  Their names were also printed on the back.

Dominic!  It's your birthday - look a little more excited, mister!

Renata just having a little snack from Gram before the first party guests arrived!
 This was my first First birthday, and I absolutely loved watching the kiddo's attempt to eat birthday cake for the first time!

Renata!  You're ONE today!
I loved this - they were so enthralled with the balloons!
One of my favorite parts was watching Dominic and Renata during "Happy Birthday".  They were so confused as to why the grown-ups were making so much noise!
I love Dominic's face in this one - he's like "Hey!  Quiet down over there!"
And time for their first birthday cake!
This pretty much sums up how popular the cakes were - not so interested!
Hey happy boy!
"Mother - promptly remove this messy thing from my high-chair immediately!"

We were in town for three days total, so I took a few other action shots of the kids.  I have also decided that I officially hate my camera - so if anyone could suggest a good "point and snap" camera, that would be great.  I have a Nikon from a few years ago and I hate the way it takes indoor photos!
Renata playing in her new "ball pit"

Happy Girl!!
 Dave and Rach had a house full of guests, so in addition to me and Marc, Rachel's sister, Natalie, husband, Miles, and brand new Baby Boy Blake were staying there too!  I must say - I felt extremely guilty about sleeping past 9 with two mommies in the house...but I was on Mountain Time!

Sweet Baby Boy Blake - 4 months old!
"Feed me, Gram!"
I was slightly obsessed with their new basement.  They had this awesome play area "caged" off for the kids, and I thought it was brilliant!
One of the highlights of Marc's trip - his Godmother sent him that shirt for his birthday =)
LOVE this pic of Renata - looking so playful =)
Dominic and Uncle Marc - too cute!
Renata on her new Stride and Ride from Aunt Nicole and Uncle Marc.  She's seriously days away from taking her first steps - we were really hoping she would while we were there!
Baby Blake - you are just too cute =)
I'll provide another update on the food and decor, but first wanted to share the baby pics =) 

Happy Birthday, Dominic and Renata!
The Felices

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