Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Magic of Paint - Living/Dining Room

Holy cow.  Paint is an amazing thing.  I never realized how much paint can truly transform a space!

I wanted to document the facelift that our living and dining room underwent this week...just with a little paint!

Here is the before:
Yucky, putrid green on the walls and brown trim...
And after:
Light, airy and refreshing!
Wow!  Need to see more?  I don't get tired of sharing =)

Let me just tell you - I am THRILLED with how this has turned out so far!  There is still only primer on the moulding, but the walls are totally done.

I'm mostly excited about how amazing the fireplace turned out.

People gave us a lot of grief about painting over the wood, but I'm basically obsessed with it now =)

I have to say, these were the rooms I was most nervous about, as mentioned in a previous post, but I am just so so excited with the end result.  We had lots of options to pick from....
In case you can't count them all...there are 7 paint options on that back wall =)
...seriously...we bought, like, $40 worth of those tiny paint samples, but it was totally worth it.  The color that I was passionate about ended up looking terrible on the walls.  Marc actually picked out all of the colors we ended up using!

We ultimately landed on Charismatic for the living room:
 Caribbean Sunrise for the dining room:
And Heavy Cream for the trim and fireplace:
All colors by Behr, purchased at Home Depot.  Now I can't wait for the furniture to arrive!

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