Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ramblings from the Hubs

Warning.  There will be a lot of these over the next few weeks, I'm sure =)

While we're packing up oodles of boxes and making car-trips to the new house...

    • Nicole: hands are TORE-UP from all this packing!  Look how dry my cuticles are...(sad face).
    • Marc:  Well...make sure you get your mani-pedi before your big conference next week.  Just  make sure you do it right before you leave, so you don't chip your nails.
Seriously.  I love him =)

And I know that "tore-up" is totally not appropriate English...but I was feeling illiterate that day.

...and can I just say again...I was packing up for the NEW HOUSE!!!  Ahhh!  (smiles!)

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