Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Episode = LOVED it!

Did you watch DWTS last night?  If you didn't and you're totally bummed you missed it, you can catch the full replay on abc.com.  It was super!!!

Because I'm clearly an expert (yeah right!), here is my synopsis on each of the stars based on their debut:

Chelsea Kane:  The Disney Star
 I had zero clue who this girl was.  She was surprisingly decent - her dress and the choreography were super cute.  There's something up with those Disney kids...they just seem to know how to pull themselves together for a dance on this show.  I enjoyed her Foxtrot and assume she'll be around for at least couple weeks. 

Hines Ward:  Football Star and Winner of the "Best Smile EVER" Award - as given by Nicole whenever she thinks it's appropriate =)
LOVED him!  Was there any doubt?  He was adorable during the shots of their rehearsal (I love rehearsal footage).  My favorite was at the end of rehearsal when he did a little "ballet entrechat" (jump and did a beat in the air) which was his tribute to Lynn Swann - a Steeler from the 70's who was also an avid ballerina.  Hines gave a great performance and smiled the whoooole time...I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of his beautiful smile on this show!

Ralph Macchio:  The Karate Kid
Ohhh...Ralph, Ralph, Ralph.  My childhood obsession continues =)  I knew I would love watching Ralph on this show.  He, also, was fabulous (received the highest scores of the night!) and I was incredibly surprised to hear that's he's 49!!  He definitely doesn't look it...I would have thought he was in his early 40's, at most. My favorite part about  him was how neurotic he was during rehearsals - don't over-think it, bro!  Just do what your karate body says =)  I think he and Hines will be around for a long time...possible the final 4 or final 3 (at least I hope so!).

Kirstie Alley:  Over-eater and "Look Who's Talking" Momma (among other things)
Wow...SO impressed with Kirstie!  She has gotten such a bad rap for so long...but I tell you - this chick ROCKED it last night!  She moved well, had a great attitude (nothing makes me more frustrated than a celebrity with a diva-attitude on this show...Jennifer Grey - I'm talking about YOU!) and was incredibly entertaining.  She also has a great sense of humor...something I wasn't expecting.  I don't think anyone really expected much from her...I was honestly just excited to see how badly she complained to Max the whole time...but I'm now a huge fan and looking forward to seeing her again, week after week!  She could be a success story just like Kelly Osbourne (who's a total hottie now, btw!).  You go, Kirstie!!!  I'm cheering for you!

Sugar Ray Leonard:  Boxing Dude
Is it sad that I didn't really know who this guy was?  Now I do - I guess he's a big deal =)  It always baffles me when these crazy insane boxers have the sweetest dispositions and Sugar Ray Leonard was no exception.  During rehearsal footage he was so incredibly adorable and emotional - I just wanted to give him a hug and pinch his cheeks!  Performance was enjoyable - he was happy and smiley - definitely entertaining.  Probably won't be around for a super long time, but with an adorable face and sweet personality, I will be looking forward to him each week he survives.  We'll see what happens.

Wendy Williams:  Talk Show Host?  I guess...

Eh...Seems sweet and cried when she got bad scores.  I feel bad for her because I know this takes incredible guts, so I commend her for that.  The only time I am ever passionate about people getting off the show is when they have a bad attitude, and she seems like she's willing to work hard.  But still, next please...

Petra Nemcova:  Super Model and Tsunami Survivor
OMG - such a sweetheart!  I didn't know her whole story so I did a quick google search during a commercial break and my heart just broke.  She and her fiance were in Thailand when the tsunami hit back in 2004 - she survived by hanging on to a palm tree for dear life and ended up having a completely fractured pelvis.  Unfortunately, her fiance did not survive.  They showed rehearsal footage of her from last week when the tsunami hit Japan and I just started to lose it.  She was so genuinely emotional and just aching for those people in Japan...I know we all were, but she actually lived through it.  I don't know too much about this girl but she seems so incredibly amazing and sweet - such a big heart - it's going to be hard not to love her (she dedicated her performance to the people suffering from the tsunami).  Dancing was so-so but doesn't matter - I definitely think she'll be a fan favorite and stick around for a while.

Mike Catherwood:  Dr. Drew's Sidekick?
Yeeeah...good sense of humor and that's about it.  Again - didn't have an attitude problem so I appreciated that, but not so sure he'll be sticking around for long.  My opinion is he will be one of the first two eliminated.  Just not sure he has a big fan base to vote for him.

Chris Jerico:  "Professional" Wrestler
Dude - I am shocked.  I LOVED this guy!  Amazing body, great personality and actually showcased a ton of humility in the rehearsal footage (surefire ways to win me over!).  Plus - he was actually quite decent!!  Don't judge a book by it's cover is the slogan that definitely applies for this guy.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he has next, and it shocks me to say it!  Cheryl may have another winner on her hands (goodness I love me some Cheryl!).

Romeo:  Formerly known as 'Lil-Romeo'
Romeo and Bow Wow?  Nope...sorry...you're still Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow =)  He was okay - needs to get over his "I'm too cool for this" mentality.  If he can do that, I think he will go pretty far - probably won't make it to the finals, but it will be fun to see this kid throw down some moves.  And I loooooooove Chelsea Hightower...I'm hoping this is her shot at a decent partner.  That poor girl has had some real duds in the past, so she deserves to have someone young enough to keep up with her and humble enough learn from her.  If Romeo can do both, I think he could make it to the top 6.  We'll see...

Kendra Wilkinson:  Former "Girl Next Door" - Now a hot momma
Kendra!  Seriously - you were a little disappointing!  BUT - loved her humor...I think her and Louis will have some fun this season, but I seriously don't see her going to the finals.  She was clearly scared.to.death to be on stage and watching someone that scared makes me incredibly uncomfortable...like I sit in my chair watching and it makes ME nervous.  I think that's pretty typical of "reality tv" stars.  They have zero acting skills, and a large portion of dancing is essentially acting.  I think she will get mega votes because of who she is...I mean people just love her and I totally get it.  She's super fun...I just really hope she develops a little more on-stage confidence so she's not uncomfortable to watch.  My opinion - she'll be top 5 - I just hope we don't have another Bristol Palin on our hands with the pity votes...

So there you have it!  My "expert" opinion on the opening round of Season 12, Dancing With The Stars.  We'll see how accurate this is...I'm sometimes very shocked by how America votes (hello...Bristol over Brandy????) but I actually think this will be an awesome cast.  Next Tuesday is the first results show, and I'm predicting that either Wendy, Mike or Sugar (should we call him Sugar?  Sugar Ray?  SRL?) will be going home...I hope it's Mike.  I want to give Wendy another shot to build up some confidence and have fun.  We'll just have to wait and see!


  1. This is awesome and great timing...my mom is coming to town tonight and loves DWTS so now I can talk to her about it!

  2. Thanks for the recap. I don't watch, but at least now I know what's going on. I am surprised Kendra was scared on stage, she actually has experience dancing on a stage...

  3. Hines Ward went to Georgia:)


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