Friday, March 11, 2011

Nicole's ABC's =)

I'm a copy cat =)  I borrowed this from Kathryn...who borrowed it from someone else.  Everyone should play along!

A:  Age:  26 (birthday is April 17 - mark the calendars, ya'll!)

B:  Bed Size:  Queen

C:  Chore you hate:  Not sure if it's considered a chore, but I hate, hate, hate, going through the mail and shredding the credit card stuff.  Stop sending me pre-approved offers!!  I know too many people who have been victims of identity theft because of this and I also think of the HUGE waste of paper...
D:  Dogs:  Polly - aka "the hero" =)

E:  Essential start to your day:  Ryn-copy-cat - I MUST eat breakfast or it's game over for all the other people I encounter during the day.

F:  Favorite color:  Hmmm...either spring green (bridesmaid dresses, heyo!) or orange.  Both make me happy.

G:  Gold or silver:  Uh silver, most def.

H:  Height:  60.25 inches...or 5'0.25" this is a shock to most people - yes I'm just barely able to stand in the shallow end.

I:  Instruments you can play:  Air guitar (I rock it) and the flute (for real!).

J:  Job title:  HR says "Sales Support Consultant", business cards say "Manager, Clinical Vision Center" and boss say "Strategic Marketing Program Coordinator" who knows =)

K:  Kids:  Not yet - but I'm going to be an aunt soon so we'll see...

L:  Live:  Denver, CO - loving my Rocky Mountain Sunrise.

M:  Mom's name:  Marianne

N:  Nicknames:  P-Doo, Pikachu, Nicoley Poley, Mrs. Felice (yes - that's actually a nickname)

O:  Overnight hospital stays:  Nope!  Never...I'm super duper lucky.

P:  Pet peeve:  Gosh - too many to name.  At work - people who cough disgustingly loudly and then SPIT into a handkerchief at their desk (this is a daily occurrence).  Also, people who don't say 'thank you'; being 'told' to do something instead of 'asked' to do something; giggling girls at the gym...the list goes on... 

Q:  Quote from a movie:  "So, how does it happen, great love?  Nobody knows...but what I can tell you is that it happens in the blink of an eye.  One moment, you're enjoying your life, and the next, you're wondering how you ever lived without them"  - Hitch (sentimental reasons - first date with the hubs *smiley*)

R:  Righty or lefty:  Righty tighty

S:  Siblings:  Two awesome little bros =)

T:  Time you wake up:  Between 5:30 and 6:30 on weekdays (depending on my schedule)

U:  Underwear:  Uh...yeah?

V:  Vegetables you dislike:  I am huge fan of veggies, but the one that I just can't get into is sweet potatoes/yams.  I've tried them in so many forms (french fries, casseroles, baked, etc.) and I just can't stand them, despite my best efforts.

W:  What makes you run late:  Not fitting into my clothes and my hair.  I have to try everything on a billion times to make sure it still feels comfortable and doesn't pull/ride up when I move...the joys of being overweight...yay.  And my hair does weird things sometimes...

X:  X-rays:  Besides my teeth, I had a scan of my knee done in high school to see if I had any fractures after a dance injury.  It was the first time I'd ever seen my bones on an x-ray and I thought it was the coolest thing EVER!  Thankfully, I was fracture-free...and the streak continues =)

Y:  Yummy food you make:  All forms of pasta/sauce.  Most recently, I made braised short ribs that the hubs said was the best he'd ever had (tall order for my foodie husband).  We've also been chowing down on an augmented "italian sausage and peppers" recipe that's waaaay healthier than the original.

Z:  Zoo favorite animal:  Pygmy hippo!!!  Have you seen them?  They're adorable!!

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  1. I love that hippo! SO CUTE! and you reminded me I cannot stand when people (always men) at the office snort loudly like they are clearing their sinuses/about to hock a lugie - I hear it at least once a day! UGH, makes me nauseous just the think about the sound!


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