Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My "Little Miss Muffet" Experience

Not sure what's up...maybe it's because the weather is getting warm, maybe it's because we have an herb plant in the kitchen, maybe I'm just unlucky...but I've had several "little miss muffet" encounters over the past few weeks.  Seriously - these little clear spiders (I have learned they are called "sac spiders" and are quite common in Colorado) are all over my kitchen and living room...and they will just drop from the ceiling and dangle right in front of my face.

Scary?  Yes, very. 
Thankfully, I'm not a victim of arachnophobia, but still...spiders dropping from your ceiling pretty much will freak out anyone (the hubs actually was startled by one!).

I do, however, have a HUGE phobia of pretty much anything with an exo-skeleton and I haaaaate killing bugs.  It's mostly because of the sound and the feeling...I just don't like it.  And I kinda feel bad for them...I know spiders aren't out to hurt us and they just want to eat bugs and stuff...but still...please stay out of my kitchen and stop "dropping in" on me while I'm cooking!

That's all.  I just needed to share.  I had a "little miss muffet" encounter this morning and it's all I could think about on the way to work.

And for those of you looking for your educational fix, here's an interesting PDF about common spiders you may find in your home in Colorado.  Yay.


  1. i'm the same squeamish way about killing bugs and have developed a squish-less method: take a paper towel (or tissue for a little bug) and lay it over the bug--usually they grip onto it, but sometimes you have to be quick--then take the ends and twist them in opposite directions and the bug gets wrapped up inside. usually i loop the twist into a knot before tossing or flushing it.

  2. not gonna lie this is gross!! lol


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