Wednesday, April 4, 2012

11 Things (Thanks Ryn!)

Alrighty, the lovely and fabulous Mrs. Neidhardt tagged me in her 11 things thing...and while I am thankful for the excuse to post, I should inform you that I am a slacker, and I haven't been on my personal computer in several months, so I have no pictures to share.  However, I'm committed to participating and doing the bare here we go!
  1. What is your adult beverage of choice?  
    • White wine (sauvignon blanc) or vodka soda with lime (the lime is key!)
  2. Desert, Mountains, Plains, or Tropics? 
    1. live or vacation?  We close on a house in the mountains on 4/5 (future post!) but I will never ever tire of beach trips in the tropics.  We're actually in the midst of planning a Fiji vacation for the fall - can't wait!
  3. If you had to repeat one of these again, which would it be and why? Preschool, Elementary, Jr High/ Middle School, High School, College.  
    1. Is it lame for me to say high school?  I would relive high school the exact same way - I feel like I was blessed with a truly fantastic high school experience.  I would say college if I wanted to change things...I would have done a few things differently =)
  4.  What is your favorite "saying"? Doesn't have to be a famous quote. 
    1. I've noticed that I've been overusing the phrase "this isn't rocket science" or "this isn't brain surgery" a lot.  I'm sure it's driving some people nuts.
  5.  Have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting?  
    1. Snipe hunting as a victim.  Never been cow-tipping...I feel like that's something I could accomplish pretty easily, given my current location.
  6.  If your personality was an ice cream flavor, what flavor would you be and why?  
    1. Neopolitan...I can be boring vanilla, exciting chocolate, or healthy strawberry.  And I'm Italian.  Represent.
  7.  What one food do you wish you liked, but just don't? 
    1. Salmon - totally with you, Ryn!!  Also raisins...just not a fan.
  8.  When you were little, what did you want to be when you "grew up"?  
    1. I think a vet was the most impressive.  Then substitute teacher.  Then house wife.  Clearly, I was shooting for the moon as a kid...
  9.  Have you ever met someone famous? Who? Where? 
    1. I feel like I've met someone famous.  Oh yes!  Terrell Owens and Charles Barkley at the ACC Championship in Atlanta in 2010 or 2009.  TO is actually quite skinny.  I also met Jamal Anderson at band camp in 2001.  I'm somewhat of a sports-celebrity groupie.  OOh I also met this kid from the Disney Channel in Charleston...don't remember his name though...
  10. What song makes you crank the volume in your car?
    1. Anything by Akon.  Or Bon Jovi.  Or Adele. 
  11. Who was your first celebrity crush? 
    1. First?  I think JTT was the first I really remember.  Or Macaulay Culkin. 
Am I a poor sport if I don't want to tag anyone?  At least I responded =)  

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  1. Thanks for playing along! It's ok to not tag anyone, and coming up with new questions is hard.


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