Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Introducing: The Treehouse =)

Marc and I have decided to give our mountain retreat a fun nickname.  We threw around boring stuff like "the condo" or "the mountain house", but we decided "the treehouse" was more fun...and the name of our complex is called "Treehouse", so it worked =)

We're tackling this project one step at a time, but overall, we're so insanely excited and loving the place so far.  I'm kind of sad I'm not there right now!

Here are some pictures of our progress from the weekend - enjoy!
About to open the door as homeowners for the first time!  Yippee!!
Here are some of the "before" pictures, so you can see the starting point:
Welcome!  Standing in the kitchen - that's the door to the master bedroom on the right.  Stairs in front lead up to the loft.  One of the first small projects is relocating the dining table.
Kitchen.  You can see the edge of the fridge on the left - another one of our first projects was to move that sucker so it wasn't the very first thing you saw when you walked in.
Fireplace!  I love it.  And yes - the treehouse came furnished so we got to keep the TV!
The previous owner left us a bottle of champagne and beer with a note - so thoughtful!

Standing in the living room, stairs leading up to the loft.  That's the front door under the stairs and you can see the edge of the fridge on the left.
Now a few "after" pictures:
Still cleaning, but standing in the loft looking down.  That door on the right is the master bedroom and just to the right of that is the bathroom.
Loft - we de-bunked one bed to make a little more room...
...and moved the futon over.  You can see the railing that leads down the stairs on the left - and look at all that sunshine coming in from the skylight!
Our new kitchen table and chairs.
Another "after" looking into the kitchen - you can see the fridge and table have moved.
Fireplace!  And our very first fire =)
Drinking our champagne after a long day of cleaning =)
Our master bedroom!  My girlfriend's mom made us that quilt for our wedding and I LOOOVE it =)
Bathroom - fully stocked and ready to be used by guests =)
The shower in the bathroom had been recently redone and it's awesome and huge.  It extends all the way to the wall where the vanity is!  We could seriously have a party in there.
Good morning, Polly!  Enjoying your new bed?
We have a tiny little deck with a killer view.
 Now for some of the views we get to enjoy =)
You can barely make it out, but Lake Dillon can be seen up beyond the trees above the railing.
The view out the side window - the master bedroom also has this view!!  I love it.
On our way down the mountain to head home, you can see Lake Dillon even better!
And that's it!  Like I said, still a work in process, but we are very pleased with the work we've done so far =)  Can't wait to have you join us!

I took a bunch of pictures, so if you want to see more, you can check out the full album here:

Thanks for checking in and seriously - invite yourself over =)


  1. I love it and can hardly wait to visit! Congratulations! By the way- how did I forget to congratulate you on your new home when I talked to you last night?!

  2. So, I realize this is late, and I am horrible, but Congrats! I have a question though. This is your vacation/mountain house, right? Not your primary residence? Do you still rent in Denver or have you bought a house in Denver too and I am just way out of the loop?


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