Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

*sigh* I'm just bad at keeping up with the blog =)  No more excuses, so I'm just going to post when I can.

Here's a recap of the highlights of our weekend:

Dinner at Lala's!
I've been wanting to try this place for a while!
Lala's is a cute little Italian place that's really close to my house and I finally had a chance to try it out with some friends!  It was also exciting because I "de-winterized" my bike for it's first ride of 2012 =)  I always love having dinner with friends on a Friday after a week of work - such great way to kick off the weekend.  Thanks to Val for organizing!

The Hunger Games

I feel like I'm always reading the latest craze in exciting book series' long after everyone else has read them.  Last weekend, I read the first book after hearing so much hype about the movie.  I finished the first book on Monday, started the second, and saw the movie on Wednesday by myself =)  This weekend was devoted to finishing the second book and starting the third.

I should also note - I've been having nightmares about killing people and being hunted.  I also had nightmares while I was reading the Twilight books.  I am a huge nerd.

So now I'm wondering - when I'm finished with Mockingjay, what's the next book series that everyone is obsessed with?  I received the Mayfair Witch Trilogy for Christmas, is anyone reading those or excited about them?

Hiking in Evergreen!
Marc is not such a fan of hiking, but I convinced  him to take advantage of the beautiful weather on Sunday to go on a hike in Evergreen.  My new favorite park is Elk Meadow and there was a hike I was dying to try - I promised him it wouldn't be more than 3 miles of hiking and we'd be home in plenty of time to do our other household chores.
Well...I am apparently very bad at reading trail maps.  Our 3 mile hike turned out to be 8 miles.  Oopsie!

Even though we are both a teensie bit sunburned, and our muscles are super sore, we had a great time hiking with Polly and spending some time outside.  However, I think I've maxed out my "hike" card with Marc for the next few weeks  =)

There you have it!  A quick highlight of our weekend - hope you had a great one!

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  1. Yay! A post!

    I tagged you in a fun blogger game "11 things" that's going around - see my post for the details!


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