Monday, May 6, 2013

Eye-Opening Weekend Visitors

Hello lovelies!

This past weekend, we were so excited to see some old friends from back home.  Scott and Lisa were in town for a wedding, so they took some time to stop by our house on Saturday morning with their sweet little girl, Natalie.

(no pictures of this!  SO mad!)

It was so crazy seeing Natalie - the last time we saw her, she was less than 4 months old.  She's now 15 months and was running all over the house.  It was so cute, but also a teensie bit stressful eye-opening.  We'd never had a baby in our house before, and Natalie's presence made me realize how RIDICULOUSLY non-baby-proof our house is.  Here are some of the shocking revelations I had:

  • She ran by the end table and I was like "Oh...goodness our end table has razor-sharp edges and glass!  It's most dangerous end table in the world!".
  • She trotted over to the front door and I was like "Holy hell...the gaping hole in the bottom of storm door is the perfect size for baby feet to get stuck.  This is the MOST dangerous storm door in the WORLD!"
  • She zoomed into the kitchen and I was like "OMG!  The step going from the dining room the kitchen is just jutting up ready to trip her!  It's THE most DANGEROUS step in the WORLD!!"
  • She starting poking around the fireplace and I was like "AHH!!!  We have glass votives holding candles in there...THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS FIREPLACE IN THE WORLD!!!"
  • Our bedroom has lots of pillows in far, the safest room in our house.  I tried really hard to keep her engaged while she was zooming around there =)

Basically, I saw my house in a totally new way and was just shocked.  We currently live in a death-trap waiting to was crazy to think about!  Thankfully, we have no babies on the way anytime soon, but still made me see our house through a different set of eyes.

Aside from panicking that Natalie was going to perish while exploring our home, we had such a great time seeing Scott and Lisa and catching up =)  Hope ya'll made it home safely!!

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