Friday, May 3, 2013

Geeking Out

For the past few months I have been majorly geeking out.  I re-read the Hunger Games series (I read the whole thing in the beginning of the summer, then I wanted Marc to read I decided to re-read them right around Thanksgiving) and after finishing the last book, I realized that there was still a void in my life...

...and the void was created by the fact that I had never actually finished reading the Harry Potter series.

I know, I know.  That is way dorky.  But let me explain.  Harry Potter got really big while I was in high school, and during that time, I wasn't really reading for leisure.  I was stressed about homework and appling for college and what I was going to wear on to school are most high-school girls.

Then, in college, I definitely didn't read for leisure, since I was still stressed about homework and getting a job and what to wear to the date dash on Wednesday.  Life was even busier.

Then!  When I graduated college and actually had some free time to read, I decided that I didn't want to read what was trendy and what everyone else was reading.  I didn't read Twilight until 3 years ago, people! 

I don't know why...I just had an aversion to reading what was trendy.  But then I realized that books were popular for a reason.  So, I basically got over myself and decided to join the trends and picked up the first Harry Potter book.

That was in 2008.  It is now 2013 and I still haven't finished the series.  I read the first 5 pretty quickly, but then stopped for a while...and right around Christmas was when I decided I wanted to finish the series, but also realized that I had forgotten what happened in the first 5 books, so I had to start over.

So anyway, I'm FINALLY on the last book, about half way through, and I am so excited!  I've been watching each movie after I finish each book (thank you, NetFlix), so it has been pretty fun to watch these kids grow up with the characters in a short timeframe. 

(Sorry for all of you who cared and had to wait for years for the movies to come frustrating that must have been!)

I'm excited to finish but I'm also sad.  7 books is a lot, but I don't really want the story to end. they ever clear up this whole Snape / Dumbledore thing?  I'm pretty upset...and I have been a good girl and been holding off on doing internet research so I truly don't know what happens at the end.  I just want closure on the Snape situation!

Here's to my last hoorah...I'm probably going to finish the last book this weekend.  Yay!

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