Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello May!

Whelp - I guess I got minorly called out for being a blog slacker =)  Shame on me.

Here are some random happenings that have been...happening...lately with the Felices!  This is kind of random, I'm just getting my blog mojo flowing again =)
  • Marc's parents came to visit in March!  
  • It was so fun and one of the most "productive" visits we've had.  Marc and his dad accomplished SO much around the house - I'm kind of hoping they'll come back to visit to help paint the treehouse (hehe just kidding!).  The project highlights for me were them installing a microwave in our kitchen (FINALLY I can reheat my coffee in a quick and easy way if it gets too cold), installed a water line to our fridge (FINALLY we have ice!) and installed a light in my closet (FINALLY I can make sure my brown shoes match my brown pants before I walk out into the sunlight!).
  • Peak came to visit in April!
  • I have been seriously looking forward to this visit for almost a year.  I was so excited Peak took the time to come out and visit during the end of her Spring Break.  I love old friends!!
  • We booked a trip to Hawaii in October!
  • We are just so so excited about this.  Our friends, Annie and Andrew, invited us to join them in Kauai for a week in October with our other friends, Katie and Kyle.  We are so excited this!  It's still months away, but we finally booked all our flights, and now we're just looking forward to planning some fun activities.  Marc and I are going to add a couple of days in Maui to the mix, so we are just so thankful and so excited to get to spend this time with our friends!
  • Babies and Marriage!
  • Not for us...but we are so thankful to have so many friends that are experiencing such blessings right now!  Tons of babies being born, families being made, weddings being planned - I'm really looking forward to celebrating these fun times with friends and family this year =)
  • Fast and Furious 6!
  • ...Hey...don't make fun of me for being excited about this.  It opens soon and we are totes going to go see it =)
  • I discovered Yoga!
  • ...where has this been all my life?  Why am I only just now discovering this?  I started doing yoga only a couple of months ago and I think I have found my "thing".  I wanted running to be my thing, but it's just not =)  I have seriously enjoyed learning how to breath and stretch my body and I am just so excited!  I did my first "birds of paradise" the other day, and it was such a huge accomplishment.  Now, to try and get Marc to come to class with me...=)
That's it for now.  Hope you all have been well!  I'll try to find some fun pics to share over the next month.  Happy Friday and Happy May!!

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  1. HOORAY! I literally laughed out loud when I saw, welp I got called out on my blogger...I need to get back into yoga, I did so much before the wedding and it is so good for you! Hawaii! FUN! No baby for us either. Are you coming to Atl in Aug? Heart you!


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