Monday, May 13, 2013

Home Run for the Homeless

This past Sunday a few friends and I participated in what has become a bit of a Mother's Day tradition...we "ran" in the Rockie Run for the Homeless 5k.

I say "ran" since it was not my intention to run.  I have given up...I don't enjoy it, I'm not great at it and it's just not my thang.  Sorry, peeps =)

Post-race.  Who wouldn't want to hang out with us?
This race is pretty cool in that your entry gets you the obligatory free t-shirt, but also free beer, free hot dogs and 2 free tickets to a Rockies game!  Um...count us in for that!  If all races provided free beer and hot dogs post-race, I'm sure I'd sign up for more =)

Another cool thing is that the last leg of the race is a run around Coors Field.  How fun?!
Heyo!  Running the bases.
The weather seriously cooperated this year (last year is was dreary and cold).  Just look at that beautiful sky!
My friend, Katie, who was a trooper and stuck with me.
These pics are slightly awkward since we "technically" weren't allowed to take pictures during this part of the run.  We had a security guy yelling at us "THIS IS NOT A PHOTO SHOOT!  KEEP WALKING!"  Sorry, bro...I chose not to hear you!

self portrait.
A funny story to share regarding this particular race.  Katie and I had agreed that we would take our time and let our friends run on ahead of us...we were walking this 5k, gosh darn it!  However, since we took our sweet time getting started ("we're in no rush, let's take our t-shirts back to the car!"  "we're in no rush...let's visit the port-o-potties one more time before we start!") we ended up in last place.

Literally.  The very last two people participating in the race.

Like...they started breaking down the barriers blocking the roads and the city police officers in charge of traffic were yelling at us "Hey!  You're behind the tail!  You need to get moving!".

So...even though we were determined to walk the whole thing, we had to run to catch up with the rest of the race.  Our goal went from finishing in an hour to not finishing in last place =)

And it worked out!  We ended up running all the downhills (I mean...if you're going to force me to run, I'm going to make it as easy on myself as humanly possible) and we didn't finish even close to last.

Our final time was just over 42 minutes and we finished 2381 out of 4897 runners.  Go us! 

How many people get to say that?  We were literally in dead last place and ended up finishing ahead of half the folks there.  That is determination, my friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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