Sunday, June 16, 2013

A helpful tip

I wanted to share a helpful tip that I discovered from a blog a few months ago.  I absolutely love rotating seasonal candles throughout the house, but I always get sad when I have to throw away a beautiful candle jar with wax left inside.

I don't know about you, but this was something that seriously bothered me.  Maybe even too much.  I mean...candle jars can be so pretty, but it's impossible to reuse them when there's that tiny bit of wax and the wick in the bottom, right?

Wrong, my friends.  Wrong!

Thanks to this hand blog post from Yellow Brick Home, I discovered an ingenious way to get rid of the excess candle wax and reuse the jar!

I used the method she did exactly - poured boiling water into the jar, waited for the wax to melt then cool, and then lifted it out!  It was so neato!

Do be sure you take note of her tips, especially the part about not pouring the hot water down the drain before the wax has had time to cool.

Hope this helps you out just a bit!  I did this over the weekend with great success, so I just had to share =)

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