Monday, June 3, 2013

Need to detox

Oiye...Marc and I just spent a week in Pennsylvania visiting his family, friends and going to a wedding.  I haven't had so many hot dogs in one week in a while.  Hot dogs and cookies.  That's basically what we ate all week...and wedding cake =)

...the fibrous veggie body cleansing detoxification process shall now begin.

In keeping with my awful habit of not capturing the moment, I don't have any pictures to represent the week.  Boo.  I need to get better at this!

But we had so much fun seeing friends and family.  Here are a couple of highlights of how we spent our time:
    • - Visiting Pat, Kasey and baby Kameron!  Kam will be one year old soon and I just can't believe how much he's grown, and how stinkin' cute he is =)
    • - Spending some time with Sammy and learning how to cast a fly fishing rod.  Is it called fly casting?  No clue...but I learned how to do it and evidently I'm a natural *hehe*
    • - Seeing Marc's parents - it's always great to be home and have a home cooked meal.
    • - Val and Dan's wedding in Erie!  We had SUCH a great time celebrating these two lovebirds and hanging out with friends.  Plus, I received an excellent recommendation for a place to get a peanut butter milkshake while we were in Erie and I must admit...this thing changed my life.  Possibly the best pb milkshake I've ever had.  It is also partially the reason I need to eat nothing but veggies this week.  
Oh...and I did lie to you.  I happened to grab one picture this week while I was walking through Marc's parent's neighborhood: 
Yes - I had a close encounter with a wild turkey.  If you have never seen one up close, they are SCARY!!!  And big.  And mean.

So there you have it!  Please do not invite me out for dessert any time soon.  It will be very difficult to say no =)

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