Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Going on Vacay!

So excited!  We leave tomorrow to head to the northeast for 5 days of sun and seafood...

...or so we thought.  Checking the weather and it's literally supposed to rain the.whole.time.  Oh well.  If all else fails, we'll just stuff ourselves full of lobster and I'll read the Alex Cross series for 5 days=)

But, if the weather is nice, here's what we have on the itinerary:
    • - Catching a Red Sox game on Thursday!  Already purchased the tickets (part of Marc's birthday present) and the seats are pretty awesome - front rows along the 3rd base line - right in fowl-ball territory!
    • - Biking around Boston!  Possibly hitting up the Freedom Trail and biking around Cambridge to see Harvard and MIT.  Is it dorky that I'm actually really excited about this?
    • - Eating seafood!
    • - Driving to Bar Harbor, Maine.
    • - Eating more seafood.
    • - Staying in a sweet little B&B in Bar Harbor - I'm actually very excited about this.  I feel like we're going to be going back in time.
    • - Whale watching - you know this is a must for me =)
    • - Eating seafood!
    • - Biking and hiking in Acadia National Park.
    • - Eating more seafood!
There you have it - our plan.  Hopefully it works out, but if the weather doesn't cooperate, I'm sure we'll still have fun.

Now...time to go gather my CD's in preparation for our road trip from Boston to Bar Harbor...

Happy Tuesday!

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