Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hiking Adventures: McCullough Gulch

This past weekend, Marc and I finally were able to get back to the Treehouse.  We hadn't been since the first week of April!

At Marc's suggestion, we spent Saturday doing some shopping (yes...HIS suggestion!) and part of that was a trip to purchase some new hiking shoes.  Well...if you buy new hiking shoes, you MUST break them in the next day, am I right?

I found another handy dandy hiking website for Summit County, which lists a bunch of different hikes in the area, based on difficulty.  For this trip, we opted to try out McCullough Gulch since it was pretty short but promised some great views.  We definitely weren't disappointed!

One thing to note - this hike said it was "easy/moderate" and I'm a little surprised by that.  There were definitely some parts that were steep, and we had to catch our breath a few times.  But, the new hiking shoes definitely helped with the incline and gripping the loose gravel.
New shoes - these were key!

Just beginning - you can see the bottom of the falls at the beginning of the hike.
Not sure the picture does it justice - but this was STEEP! 
All the snows hadn't quite melted, so getting to the alpine lake at the top was a little tricky.  But the view was worth it!
Finally made it to the gulch!

The alpine lake was absolutely beautiful.
The falls started right at the edge - I wish the sun was shining while I took this pic - you could literally see straight to the bottom of the lake.  The water was crystal clear!
Polly loves hiking - always be sure to pack a squirt bottle for your pup!
The squirt bottle makes it easy for the pup to drink when she wants.

Frolicking through some snow that hadn't quite melted yet.

The falls started right at the base of the lake.  The water was FREEZING!

I wanted to get a shot of Polly tackling the boulder fields.  She loves the rocks!
Overall - a great hike during mud season.  
Felices say Hi!
Happy hiking to all!

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