Monday, June 10, 2013

Throwback Tunes

A couple of weeks ago, Marc and I took a "mini road trip" from Washington, PA to Erie, PA.  It was truly a "mini" roadtrip since it was only about 150 miles, but still gave us the ultimate reason that anyone goes on a roadtrip...

...blasting music and singing at the top of your lungs like a giant fool.

I mean, really.  Isn't that why roadtrips were invented?  To share the joys of the open road and a radio with those you love?  At least, that's why I think roadtrips exist =)

Thankfully, before we left for Erie, Marc did some browsing around his childhood bedroom and found his old CD collection.  There were some oldies but goodies in there:
Honestly...who was a teenager in the mid 90's through early 2000's and didn't own these albums?

It really brought back some happy memories of high school, and caused me to reminisce about some of my favorite compact discs from this timeframe. (I am one of those lucky people who loved high school.  I had great friends, great times and just great memories from the whole experience.  Actually...sometimes I think I might have enjoyed high school more than college...not ashamed to admit it)

Here are some of the faves from my collection, in addition to the two listed above, list in no particular order (actually...that is a lie.  They are listed in the order that they appear in my giant, 500 disc, black, leather cd case that I'm going through...hah!):
    • - Aerosmith:  9 Lives
    • - Live:  Throwing Copper (GREAT album!)
    • - Garth Brooks:  World Tour 2 Disc set
    • - Shania Twain:  Come on Over (Man! I feel like a woman...or an old lady...)
    • - Dixie Chicks:  Wide Open Spaces (Cowboy taaake meee away!)
    • - *N'Sync:  *N'Sync (they were so awesome they didn't even name the's tearin' up my heart...)
    • - John Mayer:  Room for Squares (before he became a giant loser)
    • - Titanic soundtrack (um...duh...I'm surprised it still plays considering how many times I listed to in on repeat.  Celine rocks.)
    • Armageddon soundtrack (again...with the 'duh')
    • - Backstreet Boys:  The first album, Millenium, and Black & Blue (confession...I probably have more BSB albums than any other artist...oops)
    • - Britney Spears:  Baby One More Time and Oops...I Did It Again (oh really are just so talented)
    • - No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom (this is epic...)
    • - Blessid Union of Souls:  Home (also an epic album...I actually might listen to it now...Oooh Virginia!)
    • - TLC:  Crazy Sexy Cool (I remember this being a sneaky purchase bc my parents did not support TLC being played in our house)
    • - Mariah Carey: Daydream, Butterfly and Rainbow (wow...when you look at the three album names together, you really see that she was heading downhill fast...)
    • - Foo Fighters:  The Color and the Shape (...I didn't know the name of this album, I just associated it with Varsity Blues)
    • - Sophie B Hawkins:  Whaler (I admit...this one is embarrassing...)
    • - Jewell: Pieces of You 
    • - Celine Dion:  Falling Into You (obvi)
    • - Alanis Morisette:  Jagged Little Pill (whoa...isn't it ironic?) 
    • - Ooh...and a whole slew of burned CD mixes
 Wow.  How many of those did you own?  I feel that many of these were necessities for a teenage girl in my generation.  The only albums that I think I'm seriously missing that my friends would have would be anything Dave Matthews - I just didn't really get "in" to Dave until recently, but I've found that that tends to happen with me.

I mentioned what I felt were staples but I'm curious to see if I was missing anything else that was deemed a classic from that timeframe (oh...I omitted my Hanson album...but I have it, fear not, Mmmm Bop!).

I hope this provides a little "roadtrip" down memory lane =)

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  1. Love your list. So many great memories from music, even if I didn't own the cd. Someone's mom told my mom there were bad words on Alanis Morisettes cd and my mom took it away from me. But she hid it in the hall closet and I found it a few months later and took it back.


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