Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ramblings from the Hubs

Sorry - I happen to think that we have funny conversations...

This particular conversation took place via Google Messenger (or g-chat, for those of you who are gangter, like me), while both of us were working from home - myself, in the dining room and he, in his office...
    •  Nicole:  Hey!  Did you know *such and such name omitted for confidentiality reason* are prego again?
    • Marc:  Really?
    • Marc:  No
    • Nicole:  Yep!  Due in January - this is why you should be on Facebook
    • Nicole:  It makes you a better friend =)
    • Marc: no, it doesn't
So, friends of Marc, I am still trying to get him on Facebook, but he just doesn't seen the value in it, even when I bring up incredibly valid points like this.

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