Wednesday, August 8, 2012

D.C. for the Weekend!

So excited!  We've had this trip planned for months but it literally snuck up on us!  We've been busy bees the past few weeks (hmmm...I wonder why?  Perhaps I will share in a future post? *wink) so I am definitely looking forward to the time off work and the time with family.

Just a sneak preview - we're heading to Leesburg, Virginia (btw...can I just say how much I love the VA?  It's just the quintessential "America" - so beautiful!) to visit Marc's cousins, Sean and Justin.  Sean-man is having his 10th birthday party (holy cow!) and I seriously cannot WAIT to see Justin - he is the only child on the planet that likes me...for serious (did you see my previous post on the subject?).  I love those kids.

Me and Sean at Christmas - I have a feeling he may be taller than me now!

Seriously - how adorable is this kid?
I do promise - he actually really likes me!!
Rumor has it we're heading to a trampoline center thingy for Sean's party and I cannot tell you how excited this 28 year old is to play on some trampolines!  Hopefully I don't scare the kids and don't fall and break anything =)

Hope you have a great weekend!  I'll share pictures when we get back - it's sure to be a super fun time with my favorite boys under the age of 20 =)

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