Friday, August 3, 2012

Ramblings from the Hubs

So...this rambling happened this past winter, but I will explain why it's appropriate in just a minute:

While I'm getting out of the car, after driving home from work.
    •  Marcsmiling excitedly Guess what I found in the backyard today?!
    • Me:  ...hmmm...a dead mouse?!?!?
    • Marc:  YES!
    • Me:  YAY!!!!!
Anyone who didn't understand the circumstances would probably be, like, um....what the heck is wrong with this couple?  But to give you some context, we had a furry little friend living with us for a few weeks this past January.  It absolutely drove me batty...this little guy would actually hop OVER mouse traps and sticky traps and the DOG...then it would turn to me, give a mean little mouse laugh, and run off into the kitchen.

I swear.

This was the most clever, and most annoying, mouse on earth.  We actually considered "borrowing" someones cat for a few days, in hopes that would get rid of it.

Well, thankfully, the neighbors cat started  hanging around our yard, and I'm guessing she (maybe he?) is the one to thank for our happy little discovery =) it's almost 6 months later and we seem to have a similar issue.  I have had no real proof, other than suspicious gifts being left around our back door.  I'm keeping fingers crossed that this merely the work of a very skilled squirrel, but I've got traps all over, just in case.

I swear, we are not disgusting people.  This house is just old!!

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  1. I had forgotten about your mouse friend. But it sounds like he had relatives...


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