Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hello there!  As I mentioned before, we headed to Leesburg, Virginia, to visit Marc's cousins this past weekend, and had such a wonderful and fabulous time =)  Here are a few highlights:

On Friday, Sean had his 10th birthday party at a place called Rebounderz , which is one of those trampoline-park things that seem to be gaining much popularity.  There were 15 boys under the age of 11 at the party, several parents observing...and 2 old fogies pretending to be hip and cool.  Marc and I were the only grown-ups to participate in the trampoline-ing, and even though our bodies were seriously aching the next day, I'm so glad we did - we had a TON of fun!  I grew up with a trampoline in my backyard, so Sean (and Marc!) were very impressed with my front-tuck, back-tuck and twisting salto skills...I'm sure there will be some incriminating photos floating around the Book sometime soon =)
Sean getting his birthday cake - note how happy he's looking =)
On Saturday, the boys and girls separated - Marc accompanied Erik to Sean's baseball tryouts, and I went "wine-ing" with Kathy =)  Apparently Virginia vineyards are really starting to take-off and we were able to hit a few spots for some fabulous tastings.  I absolutely loved the last place we went to, Bluemont Vineyards, and the scenery was beautiful!
Me and Kathy, post wine tasting.
I thought this was cute - this winery boasts their altitude on their glasses - 951 feet above sea-level!  It made me realize how high we are in Colorado on a daily basis since Denver is at 5,280 feet above sea-level.  We are seriously high up, folks!
We also got to spend some fun time with little Justin, who was celebrating his half birthday (he was running around on Friday saying "I'm so glad you're here for my HALF BIRTHDAY!" - so cute!).  I have some premonitions that Justin is going to be super artsy and way in to music - he would literally sing along with whatever he heard.  On the radio, he sang along with Usher, Flo-Rida and Rihanna, just to name a few (it was absolutely hilarious!).  He sang along to the "Backyardigans" theme song (which, in turn, caused Marc and I to have the theme song stuck in our heads).

But the highlight was him randomly busting out the Olympic Fanfare and Theme composed by John Williams (which also happens to be one of my favorite John Williams pieces).  I was able to catch a little of this on video, but I promise that this is not the best example of how adorable it was.

Can I just say how much I loathe hearing my voice on video?  Yuck.

It was a great trip and we had a wonderful time seeing family.  We've been laying the groundwork for them to come out and ski, so hopefully we make some plans for this winter!

Kathy and Erik - thank you so much for having us!!

Hope you had a great weekend =)

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