Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Furry Friends

Marc and I had a close encounter with a furry friend while we were at the Treehouse a few weeks ago. 
This is Foxxy.  Foxxy hangs out around the Treehouse quite frequently, but usually you just see him wandering across the parking lot or the grounds and he's not really that close.  This time, Foxxy didn't seem phased by how insanely close we got to him, and it was pretty exciting!

Foxes don't really scare or bother me at all, but when I first saw Foxxy, I got a little freaked out.  There have been mountain lion sightings on our grounds over the past few weeks (yes...actual mountain lions as in cougars as in SCARY!) and I can't explain it...but I walked outside, saw wildlife, and my brain didn't process that it was a just a harmless fox.  My brain thought AHH!  MOUNTAIN LION!

Thankfully, though, you can see from these pictures it was just Foxxy, and he was just stopping by say hello =)

 I can't wait to see more wildlife up at the Treehouse!  When I see my first moose, it will be a very exciting day.  I think I would be fine with never ever encountering a mountain lion...


  1. I hope you only see Foxxy at dusk/evening, and he is not around in the middle of the day, aka I hope he is not rabid. He is pretty cute though.

  2. I just saw lots of dolphins at the beach and thought of you and your love for wildlife (: Glad you are getting to enjoy some good wildlife!


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